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A 25-Year Legacy of Dedication and Success

The Good Sport is a thriving business in Garden City Kansas. It has become a local institution, serving the community for over four decades. Brian and Julie Rupp are the current owners. They share their inspiring story of dedication, growth, and community impact over the past 25 years.

The Good Sport offers a diverse range of services and items to cater to the needs of its community. On the services front, they specialize in screen printing, embroidery, and digital printing. Providing custom solutions for corporate clients, schools and recreational organizations. 

Their extensive inventory includes licensed merchandise for College and NFL teams, apparel, hats, novelties such as car tags and flags, as well as custom items like banners, yard signs, and window films. Additionally, The Good Sport takes pride in offering a variety of high school apparel, with focus on maintaining a comprehensive selection for Garden City High School and surrounding schools. 

A Legacy Passed On

The roots of The Good Sport trace back to 1978. Brian’s parents laid the foundation for what would become a beloved establishment. Initially it was a humble T-shirt and trophy shop. It evolved to cater to the needs of both the general public and various sports leagues. Brian’s parents took the helm, and within a year, they became the sole proprietors of the business, setting the stage for the next chapter.

In 1999, Brian and Julie took over the reins, marking the beginning of their 25-year journey as owners of The Good Sport. Their commitment to the community and passion for providing quality products and services has been the driving force behind the business’s enduring success.

Growing Up with The Good Sport

After graduating from college, Brian worked in Kansas City and then South Dakota. His decision to return to Garden City after exploring other opportunities reflects a deep-rooted connection to The Good Sport. He met and married Julie in Garden City. The couple’s dedication to the business is evident in their continuous efforts to enhance and expand its offerings.

Brian’s exposure to the business began at the age of eight, as he recalls dusting trophies and assisting with screen printing. His involvement continued through college, where he developed a desire to eventually take over the family business. Julie, too, joined the team, bringing her skills and helping with whatever was needed. She eventually took over embroidery and contributed to the growth of the business.

Evolution and Adaptation

Over the years, The Good Sport has witnessed significant changes in its operations. The shift from retail to screen printing and embroidery has been a notable transformation. The business adapted to the evolving market, recognizing the importance of providing custom services and building strong customer relationships.

The introduction of embroidery, initially a substantial investment, proved to be a strategic move. Brian and Julie embraced change, staying ahead of industry trends and meeting customer demands. The transition to corporate sales marked another milestone, with a focus on providing tailored solutions for businesses looking to promote their brand.

Memorable Moments and Reflections

Reflecting on their journey, Brian and Julie cherish moments spent with their family, thanks to the flexibility of being their own bosses. Attending their children’s activities and creating a balance between work and personal life has been a rewarding aspect of owning The Good Sport.

Julie takes pride in the business’s progression, from a single building to a thriving establishment with advanced equipment. She emphasizes the satisfaction derived from providing excellent service and witnessing unexpected growth in the volume and scale of orders.

Brian and Julie Rupp’s journey as business owners has been marked by formidable challenges. The early days were characterized by financial struggles, with the couple facing the daunting task of securing a loan to acquire The Good Sport. The high-interest rates and substantial payments became a significant burden, leading to periods where they had to forgo personal paychecks. 

The initial hurdles were compounded by the demands of running a business and supporting a growing family. Brian and Julie navigated uncertainties, sacrificing personal luxuries to make ends meet and keep their dream alive. 

The unpredictability of market dynamics and the need for constant adaptation further added to the complexities. Despite these difficulties, the Rupps held onto their faith, trusting in each other and their shared vision. 

Gratitude and Looking Forward

Expressing gratitude for the success they’ve achieved, Brian and Julie acknowledge the support of their loyal customer base. Word of mouth has played a pivotal role, indicating the trust and satisfaction customers have in The Good Sport’s products and services.

As the business continues to flourish, the couple envisions giving back to the community. Brian and Julie actively engage in charitable endeavors, using the success of The Good Sport to make a positive impact. Their hopes for the next five years include maintaining success, finding time for relaxation, and potentially passing the torch to the next generation.

A Journey of Faith and Perseverance

The Rupps’ journey with The Good Sport is a testament to the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship. From overcoming financial struggles to achieving success through hard work and dedication, their story inspires aspiring business owners to persevere and believe in the impact they can make in their communities.

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