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A Century of Commitment and Growth

As the General Manager of Burtis Motor, Ryan Kirchoff shares his insights into the rich history, current operations, and future aspirations of Burtis Motor. Having recently taken on this role of General Manager, Mr. Kirchoff reflects on his journey within the company, which began when he was just 14 years old.

A New Chapter as General Manager

Burtis Motor, originally known as McCoy Motors, has been a Ford dealership since 1913. Cap Burtis, a partner alongside McCoys, eventually took full ownership, renaming it Burtis Motor in the mid-1930s. Celebrating 110 years in business, Burtis Motor takes pride in its enduring legacy in the automotive industry.

Over the years, the automotive landscape has transformed, and so has Burtis Motor. Mr. Kirchoff started as a detailer, transitioned into sales, and eventually assumed the role of General Sales Manager in 2010 before recently becoming the General Manager.”

Long Legacy of Burtis Motors

The evolution of Kirchoff’s career aligns with the changes in the industry, marked by the advent of the internet and technological advancements in vehicles.

Burtis Motor specializes in new Ford vehicles, offering pre-owned and certified pre-owned options. Beyond sales, they provide comprehensive services, including maintenance, a Parts Department, a Body Shop, and a Detail Department. This diversity ensures Burtis Motor meets the varied needs of its customers.

Navigating the Changing Automotive Landscapes

One of the significant shifts Burtis Motor has experienced is the impact of the internet on the automotive business. While it has added complexity, it has also opened new markets previously considered out of reach. Navigating these changes has been a daily endeavor, but their adaptability has allowed them to thrive.

Reflecting on cherished memories, Kirchoff says “Working alongside my father stands out as a profound blessing. Having been part of this family-oriented business since my teenage years, I have forged enduring connections with both my family and our dedicated employees. The camaraderie and shared experiences have made this journey exceptionally rewarding.”

Burtis Motor: More than Just Car Sales

At the heart of Burtis Motor is a commitment to its customers. Burtis Motor treats each interaction as if they were serving a family member or parent. “That is something my father instilled in me and it guides our approach. While perfection may be elusive, our focus on customer satisfaction remains unwavering.”

Looking ahead, Kirchoff’s aspirations for Burtis Motor in the next five years are centered on continued excellence.  He believes in the strength of his team, their ability to overcome challenges, and their commitment to fostering employee growth.

“Beyond business expansion, my sincere hope is that our employees flourish, ensuring the success of our company as a whole.”

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