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A Legacy of Excellence in Eye Care in Garden City since 1978 

Fry Eye Associates Doctors, delivering exceptional services.

For nearly five decades, Fry Eye Associates has been a pillar of eye care in Southwest Kansas. Fry Eye Associates has gained a stellar reputation for their track of excellence in eye care services to patients in both their practice and surgery center. With a team of highly skilled ophthalmologists and a commitment to community outreach. Fry Eye Associates has left a beacon of hope for those seeking comprehensive eye care.

Comprehensive Eye Care in Southwest Kansas 

Founded by Dr. Luther Fry in the 1970s, Fry Eye Associates has a rich history of serving the local community. Originally starting out in Dodge City in 1974. Dr. Fry moved to Garden City and established what is now known as Fry Eye Associates in 1978. The practice began its journey in the St. Catherine Hospital. Eventually relocating to the St. Catherine medical building in the late ’80s. However, due to the growing demand for their services. They outgrew the space and constructed a new practice in 2018. 

Fry Eye Associates boasts a team of talented professionals who are passionate about providing top-notch eye care. With four experienced ophthalmologists, including Kansas House Representative Dr. William Clifford and Dr. Luther Fry’s son, Dr. Eric Fry. The practice offers a range of services. From cataract surgeries to cosmetic eyelid procedures and even specialized retina treatments through their collaboration with doctors from Wichita. 

Transforming Lives and Through Vision 

Additionally, one of the highlights of working at Fry Eye Associates is witnessing the transformative power of cataract surgeries. Jennifer Teeter, who has been part of the practice for 26 years. Emphasizes the joy of seeing patients’ lives change within a matter of hours. By correcting their vision, Fry Eye Associates brings back the joy and freedom patients may have lost due to cataracts. Allowing them to rediscover the simple pleasures of everyday life. 

Beyond Eye Care, Engaging in Community Service

Beyond their commitment to excellence in eye care to individual patients, Fry Eye Associates is deeply rooted in the community. The practice actively engages in various community service initiatives through its dedicated community service committee. From donating medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic to organizing food drives and toy collections, Fry Eye Associates strives to make a positive impact beyond the walls of their practice. 

Moreover, the practice’s contribution extends to the local economy. By attracting patients from surrounding areas, Fry Eye Associates brings in visitors who may require overnight stays, thus boosting the local hospitality and retail sectors. Their commitment to providing comprehensive eye care not only improves the lives of patients but also fosters economic growth in the region. 

Providing Big City Expertise with a Personal Touch 

New Fry Eye Associate's new facility in rural southwest Kansas.

Despite being located in rural Kansas, Fry Eye Associates ensures that patients have access to state-of-the-art facilities and the latest technology. They take pride in delivering the same level of care and expertise found in metropolitan practices while maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is characteristic of the rural setting. 

As Fry Eye Associates continues to grow and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of eye care, their dedication to their patients and the community remains unwavering. Under the expertise of their esteemed ophthalmologists, Fry Eye Associates will continue to be a trusted provider of comprehensive eye care, offering a unique blend of cutting-edge treatments, compassionate service, and community involvement. 

Thank you, Fry Eye Associates, for being an investor of Downtown Vision.