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A Legacy of Gift Shopping and Community Connection

A Third Generation Boutique Gift Shop

For more than two decades, our community has cherished The Corner on Main as a beloved business. Offering a unique and enchanting shopping experience. This family-owned boutique gift shop, established in 1996, has stood the test of time and will soon celebrate its 27th anniversary in September. Today, two passionate individuals, Andrea Kirchoff and Liz Sosa, run the shop, upholding the tradition of providing exceptional products and service.

As a third-generation gift shop, The Corner on Main specializes in a wide array of offerings, including home décor, specialty food items, baby gifts, jewelry, and bath and body products. This diverse selection ensures that customers can find something special for every occasion, making it a go-to destination for those seeking the perfect gift or a little something for themselves.

Passing the Torch

The ownership of The Corner on Main smoothly transitioned from grandmother to mother and finally to the current owner, Andrea. After graduating from college, she had different plans initially, but fate intervened, and she found herself taking charge of the family business. Later, Liz, one of her employees since 2015, joined her as a co-owner, further strengthening the shop’s foundation of shared passion and dedication.

Evolving with the Times

Under their ownership, The Corner on Main has evolved to meet the changing needs and desires of its customers. They actively source unique and local products, focusing on items that can’t be found elsewhere. With a deep understanding of the community’s preferences, they prioritize showcasing Kansas products, catering to customers who appreciate the charm and distinctiveness of locally sourced goods. Moreover, they offer an in-store experience that online shopping cannot replicate.

A Festive and Enchanting Experience

When you step inside The Corner on Main, a festive and whimsical atmosphere greets you, especially during holidays. The owners have always embraced the art of decorating, infusing the store with a sense of joy and wonder. While they rearrange decorations over time, some elements, like the porch area, originated from a previous shop in the ’90s. Carefully curated to ensure a seamless flow, the store’s layout surprises customers who discover that it extends further than expected.

Going the Extra Mile, Convenient Services Offered by The Corner on Main

Beyond the enchanting ambiance, The Corner on Main provides additional services to enhance the shopping experience. They offer free gift wrapping and in-town delivery, sparing customers the hassle of finding gift wrap and wrapping items themselves. The convenience of leaving the store with a beautifully wrapped gift ready for presentation reflects the owners’ commitment to customer satisfaction.

Growing Up in the Business at The Corner on Main

Being part of a third-generation family business significantly influenced Andrea’s life. From her childhood, she witnessed her mother and grandmother’s dedication, and now she shares that passion with her own daughters. Actively involved in the store, her daughters gain firsthand experience, learning the importance of hard work and commitment.

Looking ahead, Andrea’s hopes and dreams for The Corner on Main are simple yet profound. She aspires for the store to continue thriving, fostering connections with the community. The shop’s wide variety of items and range of price points ensure that affordable treasures can be found by all.

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