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A Scholarship for Students from Southwest Kansas

The Finnup Foundation is a philanthropic organization established in 1977 by siblings Frederick and Isabel Finnup. With a focus on families, youth, education, and conservation, the foundation has become a driving force for positive change in Finney County and surrounding areas. Today, we highlight the Finnup Scholars Program, an initiative that showcases the foundation’s generosity and commitment to education.

Washburn University is one of three primary beneficiaries of the Finnup Foundation.. Each year, the foundation provides scholarships to students graduating from high schools in Finney County and the surrounding areas. Beginning in 2023, the Finnup Scholars Program offers scholarships of up to $20,000 over the course of a student’s studies. This additional funding complements Washburn’s academic scholarship grid, enabling students with a 4.0 high school GPA to receive a full tuition award.

The Finnup Scholars Program goes beyond financial assistance. It includes the Finnup Scholars Academy, a two-week residential program exclusively for new students. Starting in fall 2023, the academy will take place in August before classes begin. This transformative experience helps incoming students adjust to university life.

Additionally, the Finnup Scholars Program  generously funds opportunities for participating students to travel abroad during spring break. This enriching experience not only broadens horizons but also cultivates cultural understanding and lifelong friendships among participants

The Finnup Scholars Program exemplifies the Finnup Foundation’s commitment to education and transforming lives. Through their generous scholarships, the foundation opens doors of opportunity for students who aspire to higher education. The Finnup Scholars Academy provides support and resources for students who are new to Washburn to thrive on campus. Additionally, the Finnup Study Abroad Program expands their global perspectives and fosters cultural exchange.

Let us remember the transformative power of education when fueled by the vision and generosity of individuals like Frederick and Isabel Finnup.