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Garden City Downtown Vision is proud to announce its 14th annual Banner Art Auction. It takes place November 6th from 6 to 10 p.m. Now, get to know all the wonderful artists who will have their art pieces available to buy at the auction. Proceeds from the event will go to the beautification of Downtown Garden City

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Jasmine Palacios 
Jensen Strasser
Miguel Rodriguez

Jasmine has been making art since she was 3 years old.  Learn more...

Drawing is Jensen's passion. Her favorite style is related to mandalas, with intricate detailed linework. Learn more...

Miguel's artwork is influenced by the Mexican artist Diego Rivera. Miguel enjoys using unconventional tools to make textures. Learn more.

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Teresa Wasinger

Teresa experiments with a variety of mediums when it comes to her artwork. Her work depicts her mood or feelings at a particular point in time. 

Learn more...

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Kate Fitch 

Kate creates works of art using various different styles. Her most common medium is acrylic paints on canvas, where she creates stunning realistic painterly artwork. Learn more...

Nathan Novack

Nathan is compelled to paint the so called "Gray Areas" in life. He paints to demonstrate the beauty and energy of nature. Learn more...

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Teresa Reimer

Teresa is primarily a colored pencil artist with an emphasis on photo realism. Many of her work is inspired by life on her ranch. Learn more...

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Clemencia Zermeno

For Clemencia art is the best therapy. Being a mother and having a full-time job leaves her little time for herself. However, she can start painting and get lost for hours. Learn more...

Carole Geier 

Carole considers herself a sporadic painter. She paints anything she finds interesting or unique. Learn more...

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Ariana Wheet 

Ariana has enjoyed illustrating stories since she was a small child. She works primarily with watercolors and ink illustrations. Learn more...

Kenzie Evan 

 Through the years, Kenzie has evolved as an artist and is taking part in the auction to showcase her ability and passion. Learn more...

Chrissell Ricard 

For Chrissell creating art was a hobby and stress reliever growing up. she believes the art auction is a great way to showcase her art and bring life to Downtown. Learn more...

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Ashly Zermeno

Ashley is a student at Garden City Highschool. She has only been creating art for a couple of years but has already fallen in love with it. Learn more... 

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Brent Nuzum 

Brent has participated in the banner art project since the beginning, and he looks forward to participating again. Learn more...

Emily Perez Barajas

Emily loves drawing. For her it is an activity she gets lost in for hours. This year she created a piece to share her heritage with everyone.  Learn more... 

Karem Gallo.png
Karem Gallo

Karem creates art mostly out of acrylic paint. She hopes to be involved in All of Southwest Kansas as an artist. Learn more...

Rafael Ramirez

Rafael is a Garden City based artist. He has taken on many different forms of commission work to learn and grow as an artist. Learn more...

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Meet the Artists 

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