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Bell Ringing A Symphony of Giving

Captain Chelsea Barnes, the pastor and administrator of The Salvation Army in Finney County, sheds light on the pivotal role of bell ringing in the organization’s annual fundraising efforts. As the holiday season unfolds, bell ringing becomes more than just a festive tradition. It transforms into a symphony of giving that sustains The Salvation Army’s mission to meet human needs in God’s name.

Leading The Salvation Army with Heart and Purpose

For Captain Chelsea Barnes, the journey into the heart of The Salvation Army began in her infancy, attending the church’s services. Over the years, she not only fell in love with the organization but also became an integral part of its mission. Now, as a leader and administrator, she emphasizes the critical significance of bell ringing for The Salvation Army.

How Bell Ringing Powers Salvation Army’s Mission

Bell ringing typically involves volunteers stationed outside various stores with iconic red kettles. It has become the cornerstone of The Salvation Army’s annual fundraising efforts. Currently managing eight prominent locations, including Walmart Supercenter, Sam’s Club, and Hobby Lobby. The Salvation Army relies on the generosity of the community during this festive season. Volunteers can easily signup at to bell ring at any of the eight locations in Garden City Kansas.

The funds collected through bell ringing play a vital role in supporting a myriad of services provided by The Salvation Army in Finney County. Captain Barnes explains that without the financial contributions garnered during this time. The organization’s ability to provide essential services would be severely curtailed.

The services funded by bell ringing encompass a wide range of initiatives, including social services, emergency assistance, and the Pathway of Hope program. These programs address immediate needs, such as monthly food bags, clothing vouchers, and utility assistance, while also offering long-term support to families through strength-based case management. The holiday season amplifies the impact of bell ringing as the funds raised during this period directly contribute to seasonal initiatives like Stuff the Bus, coat distribution, and the Angel Tree program. These programs ensure that families in need receive gifts, warm clothing, and essential items, bringing joy and comfort during the festive season.

More than Just Social Services

One remarkable aspect of The Salvation Army’s work that often goes unnoticed is its role as a church. Captain Chelsea emphasized that The Salvation Army is not just a provider of social services but a place that offers hope, dignity, and a sense of community through its multifaceted programs.

In response to the challenges faced, including water damage to the main office building in July, Captain Barnes expressed optimism for the future. Despite the setbacks, she envisions The Salvation Army in Garden City embracing new activities, programs, and efficient approaches to make a more significant impact in building God’s Kingdom.

Captain Barnes Heartwarming Highlights at The Salvation Army

Captain Barnes shared a personal and heartwarming highlight of her Salvation Army journey—adopting her daughter through the organization’s work. At 16, her daughter entered The Salvation Army in Finney County through the foster care system. Through the youth programming and services offered by the organization, a profound bond developed. Captain Chelsea’s dedication to providing a sense of belonging and stability in her daughter’s life culminated in a heartfelt moment which was adopting her daughter into her forever home. Her story exemplifies the profound impact The Salvation Army has on individuals and families, providing not only immediate assistance but also fostering relationships and positive life changes.

Captain Barnes’ Vision for The Salvation Army in Garden City

Looking ahead, Captain Chelsea Barnes hopes to see The Salvation Army in Garden City continually evolving, exploring innovative ways to serve the community effectively. She emphasized the importance of community involvement, encouraging people to contribute financially or volunteer their time to support The Salvation Army’s mission.

In conclusion, Captain Chelsea Barnes invites the community to participate in this season of giving by becoming bell ringers. By doing so, individuals and organizations can contribute to The Salvation Army’s mission of providing hope, dignity, and support to those facing challenging circumstances. As the iconic sound of the bell resonates through the holiday season, it serves as a reminder that each contribution, no matter how small, plays a vital role in building a stronger and more compassionate community in Finney County.

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