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Carol Burnum is an award winning abstract artist and instructor. She currently lives in the small town of Ulysses, Kansas. She paints nearly everyday. Her paintings are colorful with a bit of whimsy. You will find textures that make her happy and tell a little bit of the story of the painting.


While Carol is largely self taught, she has been under the tutelage of other professional artists and teachers. Her artwork is mainly acrylic with some mixed media. You will make shapes, marks in a variety of mediums.


Her paintings bring wide acclaim from collectors due to the timeless subjects. They are found worldwide in many collections. Carol wishes to invite the viewer to connect emotionally with her work. Carol likes to listen to music, garden and journal in her Bible. She is a wife of Randy, has 4 amazing boys and 6 grandkids.

About the Artist

Carol Burnham

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