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Celebrating Two Years of Sweet Success

In the world of entrepreneurship, success often hinges on a unique combination of passion, opportunity, and hard work. Brandy Yount is the proud owner of Loving’s Bakery & More. She reflects on the incredible journey of the past two years as the business marks its anniversary under her ownership.

Weekend Baker to Business Owner

“It was 2 years on January 20th that Loving’s Bakery & More will have been reopened under new ownership. The decision to buy Loving’s Bakery came unexpectedly, fueled by a delightful encounter with a cinnamon roll. “I was looking at another business to buy, and they told me this place was up for sale. A month later, I owned it,” she explains, highlighting the spontaneity that sometimes defines entrepreneurial journeys.

For Brandy, baking has always been a passion, a weekend ritual to unwind and create delicious treats at home. The decision to purchase Loving’s Bakery was not just a business opportunity. It was a chance to grow and add new dimensions to the beloved establishment. Brandy envisioned adding convenience to people’s lives, introducing ready-made casseroles, and more.

Recipes, Rich History, and Unique Advantage

Taking over an established business comes with its own set of challenges and advantages. Brandy appreciates inheriting a treasure trove of recipes that Loving’s Bakery was known for. “There were some recipes that took a long time to make and were unique to this place. Now, we have them, and it sets us apart,” she shares.

Reflecting on her favorite moments as the owner, Brandy proudly notes her personal growth in cake decorating. “From my first cake to now, there’s such a big difference. It’s a big change, and doing it every day has really helped out,” she adds.

Advice and Future Aspirations

Currently, Brandy operates two businesses – a cleaning business and Loving’s Bakery & More. Looking ahead, her aspirations for the bakery include expanding to wholesaling, reaching new towns, and growing the business over the next five years.

When asked about advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those interested in the baking industry, Brandy emphasizes the importance of a business plan. “It’s a lot of work. You have to put in the hours when you are first opening your business. It doesn’t come easy,” she advises. Being hands-on during the initial stages is crucial, and Brandy believes in being present and overseeing every aspect until the business stabilizes.

What’s on Offer at Lovings Bakery & More

Loving’s Bakery & More offers an array of tempting treats, from cinnamon rolls and cookies to custom cakes and even special treats for furry friends. Brandy’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in her willingness to take on challenges, even with her unique obstacle of being color blind.

As the business continues to evolve, Brandy is excited about the positive changes. Lunch offerings have been introduced, with a focus on hearty soups and savory pies. Despite currently serving lunch only on Wednesdays, there are plans to expand these offerings in the future.

Brandy Yount’s journey with Loving’s Bakery & More is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication in the world of entrepreneurship. As the business celebrates its two-year anniversary under her ownership, the community eagerly anticipates the sweet surprises and continued growth that lie ahead.

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