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Downtown Market Study

In 2016, the City of Garden City approved a funding request from Downtown Vision, Inc. to update the Downtown Market Study.  The previous study was conducted in 2009 and the current Downtown Master Plan (2013) states that Downtown Vision will update the Downtown Market Study every 5 years.  In working with the City's Neighborhood Development Services Department, Downtown Vision determined that an updated study could provide the needed data to help attract new businesses to the district and strengthen the economic base.  In January 2017, the Board commissioned Denver based ArLand Land Use Economics to begin work on the study.  
During the process, ArLand held numerous focus groups with City representatives, downtown business and property owners, community members, and Downtown Vision Board and committee members.  The focus groups provided valuable feedback into the changing economic landscape of downtown.  The primary and secondary trade areas were closely examined and a tertiary area was added to capture the expansive yet limited customer base noted by downtown merchants.  The analysis team included several case studies in the report to provide a comparison at how communities similar in size to Garden City, as well as a few larger communities, are working to address the changes in their downtown structure.  
For more information about the Market Study, please contact Garden City Downtown Vision at 620-276-0891.
Garden City Downtown Market Study
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