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Dr. Stewart’s Unique Journey: From Locums to Direct Primary Care

Dr. Stewart’s journey to opening her clinic “Buffalo Plains Health Center” in June 2020 is a fascinating tale of dedication to medical service and a desire for a more patient-centric approach to healthcare. Her decision to open a clinic was not a hastily made one. Instead, it stemmed from years of experience and a deep commitment to providing quality medical care.

From Garden City to Around the World

The story begins in the early 2000s when Dr. Stewart was a medical professional at Plaza Medical in Garden City, KS. In 2013, she faced a crucial decision – whether to continue her partnership in the medical field or devote more time to her Volunteer Clinic in Honduras. The latter won, leading her to leave her partnership and spend the next seven years doing locums to support her volunteer work. Dr. Stewart’s journey took her to various places. From the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the wild landscapes of Alaska, where she worked with Native Alaskan groups in Bethel.

A Healthcare Gap and the Birth of a Clinc

However, changes in Garden City prompted her return in 2020. With Plaza Medical’s acquisition by Centura, Dr. Stewart recognized a gap in accessible healthcare options. Determined to make a difference, she decided to open her own clinic, adopting the Direct Primary Care model. This model allowed her to provide personalized, unhurried care to her patients without the constraints imposed by insurance companies.

Unveiling Direct Primary Care in 2020

The initial plan was to establish a walk-in clinic. However, the discovery of the Direct Primary Care model reshaped her vision. Dr. Stewart embarked on the process of implementing this model in September 2019, Unaware to the impending challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite delays, she opened her clinic in June 2020, offering both membership-based services and walk-ins.

The Growth and Success of Buffalo Plains Health Center

The growth of Buffalo Plains Health Center has been successful since its inception. The unique approach of offering extended appointment times, focusing on prevention and Wellness by providing more frequent follow-ups has resonated with patients. The clinic caters to individuals seeking a holistic approach to their health, addressing lifestyle modifications alongside medical interventions.

Above all, Buffalo Plains Health Center is designed to serve a diverse range of patients. From those with chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. To individuals seeking a more comprehensive understanding of their health. The four pillars of health – nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and relationships – form the core of her approach, emphasizing a holistic lifestyle.

Services Offered

Services at Buffalo Plains Health Center include joint injections, skin lesion removals, and biopsies. She also offers non-traditional treatments with laser and new treatments by EMSELLA. Although lacking some imaging capabilities, the clinic focuses on delivering essential primary care services. Dr. Stewart’s aspirations for the future include expanding her services, potentially bringing in a partner to enhance the scope of patients that can be seen.

Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Stewart has actively engaged with the Spanish-speaking community through bilingual informational talks on social media. Her commitment to breaking language barriers reflects her dedication to making healthcare accessible to all.

Future Visions

In the next five years, Dr. Stewart envisions growing her clinic. She wants to offer more services, and continue providing the best healthcare possible to those who choose the Direct Primary Care route. With her unique background, commitment to patient well-being, and clever approach to healthcare, Dr. Stewart’s clinic stands as a beacon of personalized and comprehensive medical care in Garden City.

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