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Dream First Bank: Transforming Banking, Empowering Dreams

In the landscape of banking, Dream First Bank prides itself on offering high quality personal financial services. Matt Bennett, the current Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer, shares his journey within Dream First, from an unexpected entry into the industry to a pivotal leadership role.

Matt’s foray into banking began during his college days. Uncertain about his post-graduation path, he applied for internships, securing a position at a commodity brokerage. He acquired a broker’s license but soon received an offer from a bank he initially applied to.

Navigating the Banking Landscape

Starting as a credit analyst, Matt delved into the intricate world of financial analysis for commercial and agricultural loans. His natural affinity for understanding businesses and numbers set the stage for a fulfilling career within the banking sector.

Since joining Dream First in 2006, Matt has witnessed substantial growth and evolution. The bank’s commitment to community development is evident in its strategic expansion, with ten branches now. Dream First serves communities across Kansas, including Garden City, Syracuse, Johnson, Ulysses, Hugoton, Elkhart, Arlington, and Attica. The acquisition of Heartland Tri-State Bank further bolstered Dream First’s presence in the region.

Rebranding with a Purpose

A pivotal moment in the bank’s trajectory occurred about a year and a half ago when Dream First underwent a rebranding. The decision to shift from the commonality of “National Bank” names to “Dream First” was not just a strategic move but a reflection of the bank’s core mission. Engaging with customers during the renaming process revealed a recurring theme – Dream First. This rebranding underscores the bank’s dedication to helping customers achieve their aspirations and dreams.

Dream First’s commitment to customer-centric services is embodied in its unique culture. The bank strives to make banking a delightful experience for both customers and employees, leveraging technology to enhance overall satisfaction. From pioneering Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) to ensuring swift decision-making in lending operations, Dream First remains at the forefront of innovation.

Cultivating a Unique Culture

Matt emphasizes the bank’s pride in fostering employee growth. Dream First welcomes young talents with limited banking experience, providing them with a platform to develop without preconceived habits. The bank’s focus on cultivating a positive culture and investing in employee development aligns seamlessly with its overarching mission of making dreams come true.

Looking forward, Dream First envisions a continuation of its unique culture, emphasis on employee development, and strategic community expansion. The bank aspires to invest in its employees and explore new markets while staying true to its commitment to helping individuals and businesses thrive.

A Trusted Partner in Financial Aspirations

In conclusion, Dream First stands as a testament to the transformative power of banking, where passion, dedication, and a relentless focus on community empowerment create a distinctive and impactful financial institution. Matt Bennett’s journey exemplifies the bank’s commitment to turning dreams into reality. Making Dream First a trusted partner in the financial aspirations of the communities it serves.

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