"Hi! My name is Emily, I'm 18 years old, and a new graduate of the class of 2021!! As most people we all have a thing that brings us joy mine is art! Whether I'm drawing a realistic piece or a fun doodle I always end up hours on end creating and just having fun. I hope that this joy stays with me and allows me to be successful in the future.

This year I decided on a piece with a very special meaning for me. I decided to name this piece Heritage because I wanted to share my heritage with all of you. I come from a Hispanic background. Which is why I chose to paint a day of the dead portrait. I also wanted to show some Kansas pride. I painted in one of my flowers which happens to be the Kansas State Flower. Here in Kansas many different cultures live together so I hope you all can appreciate our cultural differences."

Message from the artist

Emily Perez Barajas