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Empowering Community through Connectivity

Scott Kedrowski is the Dean of Advancement and Alumni Relations. He is working hard to weave connections, create a sense of belonging among Garden City Community College’s (GCCC) diverse community of students and alumni. He began and embraced this role over a year ago. The college recognized the need for a dedicated coordinator to bridge the gap between the institution and its growing community. 

Nurturing Donor Relationships and Coordinating Community Asks

The position of Dean of Advancement and Alumni Relations is a novel one for Garden City Community College. It is a response to the college’s expansion and deepening community involvement. “Sometimes,” Scott explains, “we found ourselves overlapping in our community support efforts. We needed someone to coordinate these requests, ensuring that every effort is streamlined and directed towards the right causes.” 

In a candid conversation, Scott shared his excitement about the newly established Garden City Community College Alumni Association. Unlike traditional alumni associations, this initiative is unique to community colleges. Additionally, it aims to create a sense of home for everyone who has ever been a part of the college. Regardless of the duration or level of education they received while they attended.

A Home Away from Home

“We want people to know that Garden City Community College is always home,” Scott emphasizes. The association launched in May of 2023. It is designed to connect alumni with each other and with the ongoing initiatives at the college. Furthermore, Scott and GCCC have been actively reaching out to alumni, encouraging them to participate in events, and fostering a sense of community spirit. 

Bridging the Financial Gap for Students’ Education

likewise, for those wondering how to get involved, the process is simple. You can pay an annual fee of $25 or a lifetime membership at $250 (or $200 for those over 60) grants membership to the Alumni Association. The funds generated from these memberships will channel back into scholarships. “This is not just any alumni association,” Scott clarifies. “It’s a promise to our alumni. We’re encouraging generational attendance by providing scholarships to graduates, their children, or their spouses. It’s a way of giving back to the community that has supported us so well.” 

Moreover, the college has embarked on an ambitious journey to enhance scholarship opportunities. Partnering with the Garden City Community College Endowment Association, Scott and his team are diligently working to create 50 new endowed scholarships valued at a minimum of $10,000 each, ensuring that financial constraints don’t hinder education. Certainly the recently introduced Presidential Scholarship Initiative is a testament to this commitment. These new scholarships aim to bridge the gap for students who didn’t qualify for institutional support, embodying the college’s ethos of putting students first. 

Empowering Community Initiatives Through Strategic Funding

Another avenue of support comes through the Kansas Department of Revenue’s tax credits. The college is actively selling these credits, with the funds earmarked for projects ranging from the STEM building to adult education initiatives, creating a comprehensive educational ecosystem for the community. 

The Heartbeat of Campus

Scott’s passion for his role is evident as he speaks about the positive energy that the students bring to the campus. He beams with pride when he talks about the transformative impact that scholarships and community involvement can have on students’ lives. 

Lastly, to be part of this impactful community initiative, individuals can visit the Garden City Community College website. Click on the alumni tab or reach out directly to Scott Kedrowski at As Garden City Community College continues to expand and enrich lives, the Alumni Association stands as a testament to the enduring power of community, education, and the bonds that tie them together. 

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