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Garden City Downtown Vision is a business for businesses. Offering support, resources, and opportunity, our success is always measured by your own. See below to find out how we can be of assistance today. 

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Business Resources

Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP)

  • Offers stability to downtown neighborhoods
  • Incentivizes opportunities for affordable housing
  • Promotes improvements to residential and commercial properties
  • Encourages infill housing
  • Increases tax base over time

Kansas Rural Housing Incentive Districts (Rhid) Second Story

  • Expands types of projects allowed in RHID
  • Enables residential renovation for structures over 25 years old on Kansas main streets or within downtown districts 
  • Intended for cities with a population of less than 60,000
  • Essential in addressing housing shortages in rural Kansas

Incentives Without Walls (IWW) 0% Loans

  • Stimulates private investment in the downtown area
  • Recruits and retains jobs
  • Develops and strengthens downtown businesses
  • Creates a stronger tax base

Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP)

Promoting the development and revitalization of Garden City, this program offers tax rebates in accordance with the designated Neighborhood Revitalization areas.

Focusing on the rehabilitation, conservation and/or redevelopment of residential and commercial properties, the plan ensures the physical integrity of Garden City’s neighborhoods for years to come.


Intended for structures over 25 years old and located on Kansas main streets or in downtown districts, this program enables renovation opportunities for residential use.

An essential aspect of the plight against housing shortages in rural Kansas, this bill serves cities with populations of less than 60,000 and expands the types of projects that the RHID allows within them.

Incentives Without Walls (IWW)

A 0% interest loan fund of up to $20,000 payable over 1-7 years, IWW is meant to stimulate private investment in downtown. The fund serves to recruit and retain jobs while developing and strengthening downtown businesses, ultimately creating a stronger tax base. 

Two Types of IWW Loans Available:

1. Projects That Include Acquisition Or Rehabilitation Of Properties In Downtown Garden City

2. Inventory/Product

Tax Credits

Federal Tax Credits

The Federal tax credit program provides a credit equal to 20% of total qualified expenses for a building that:

  1. Is listed on the National Register, a designated “Contributor” to a listed historic district, or is determined potentially eligible for the National Register
  2. Is used to produce income (commercial purposes)
  3. Is spending more on the rehabilitation than the calculated worth or “adjusted basis” of the building.

State Tax Credits

The State tax credit program provides a credit equal to 30% of the qualified expenses that can be used to offset State of Kansas Income Taxes for the property owner. To qualify for the state tax credit program a building must:

  1. Be listed on the National Register or Kansas Register of Historic Places
  2. Submit an application BEFORE work begins on the project.
  3. Spend more than $5,000 on the building as part of the project.


Above all else, our initiatives toward business enhancement serve to support, educate, and provide for ALL entrepreneurs and businesses throughout Garden City. Together, we work to grow and enhance our downtown’s core business district.


Our organizational strategy creates a strong foundation for the sustainable advancement of downtown Garden City’s commercial district. Collaborating with city and county partners, we work to ensure such advancement is felt and circulated throughout the entire community.

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