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Gaming and Growing

For four years, “The Lab” has been a hidden gem in the world of gaming for Garden City residents. It has been serving as a haven for gamers of all backgrounds and ages. “The Lab” began as an ambitious project born out of a passion for gaming and a desire to create a vibrant gaming community. Denilson Guevara The founder, an avid enthusiast of sports and competition leagues, envisioned a gaming league that would unite gamers in friendly competition. With video games as the chosen medium, they embarked on this journey.

Evolution of “The Lab”

Initially, the league gained momentum, however Denilson recognized the opportunities that he wasn’t fully taking advantage of. He decided to pivot the business model. The focus shifted towards creating a space where people could walk in and play video games, especially those that were not readily accessible at home, like classic arcade games, dance games, and VR experiences.

This transition came with its challenges, requiring a significant investment in acquiring various arcade games. However, the decision to cater to a broader audience and host gaming-themed parties proved to be a wise move. The investment began to pay off, breathing new life into “The Lab.”

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Denilson’s entrepreneurial journey wasn’t handed down from family, but rather it was a self-driven pursuit. Denilson’s family do own their own businesses however he worked hard to make sure he was doing everything right. Extensive research on expenses and costs played a pivotal role in getting the business off the ground. Initially, it was a one-person endeavor, but with the help of supportive friends, they managed to overcome the initial hurdles.

The experience gained while working part-time at “The Lab” while holding a full-time job elsewhere, as well as the lessons learned from their sister’s business, Central Cup, proved invaluable. Managing finances and responsibilities at Central Cup laid the groundwork for the founder’s success with “The Lab.”

Hidden Potential

“The Lab” remains somewhat of a hidden treasure. Denilson admits to not having focused much on marketing. This is because he feels like he still is focusing on making “The Lab” feel complete. However, with plans for expansion and growth, the hope is to invest more in marketing to raise awareness about this unique gaming hub.

Growing The Lab

“The Lab” continues to evolve, the Denilson envisions a bright future for both his and Central Cup’s establishment, which is right across the hallway. While the last two years have seen the transformation of “The Lab” into a family-friendly arcade and party destination, there’s still room for growth. More games and exciting additions are on the horizon, promising a more comprehensive gaming experience.

Moreover, plans are in motion to collaborate between “The Lab” and Central Cup, which could lead to increased foot traffic during weekends, benefitting both establishments. The synergy between these two businesses could further enrich the gaming and leisure scene in Garden City.

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