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Garden City Downtown Vision Welcomes Two New Summer Hires

Garden City Downtown Vision is excited to introduce two new employees joining us for the summer: Darby Reimer and Adelita Teresa Parr. Both bring unique perspectives and experiences to our team, and we are thrilled to have them on board.

Meet Darby Reimer

Darby Reimer, a lifelong resident of Garden City, is gearing up for her senior year in high school. This summer marks her first job experience, and she’s eager to contribute to Downtown Vision. Darby has always felt a deep connection with her hometown and is looking forward to serving her community in this new role.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Darby plans to attend Benedict College after high school, with aspirations of becoming a nun. She explains, “For me, becoming a nun is about being a spouse to Jesus, giving your life to Him, and being a mentor and prayer warrior for others.”

Hobbies and Interests

Darby enjoys spending time in prayer and cherishes moments with friends and family. She loves being outdoors, listening to books and music, and creating lasting memories with loved ones. Darby has a particular fondness for religious and fiction books, especially those by Gordon Korman, whose works she finds full of exciting plot twists. Her music tastes are diverse, ranging from Christian music to country, pop, and rock.

Darby’s faith journey began at a young age. She recalls feeling close to Jesus even as a small child, a connection that deepened over time. “In eighth grade, I felt drawn to Him in a profound way, and my prayer life has grown continuously since then,” she shares.

Future Aspirations

Darby is enthusiastic about her summer job at Downtown Vision. She hopes to develop her social and professional skills, which she believes will be beneficial in her future endeavors, including her goal of joining a religious community. Despite being visually impaired, Darby is determined to demonstrate her capabilities and willingness to help others. “I want people to know that being blind doesn’t define me. I am more than willing to do what I need to help people,” she asserts.

Meet Adelita Teresa Parr

Adelita Teresa Parr, another Garden City native, brings a wealth of experience and a heart full of compassion to Downtown Vision. Married to Evan Parr, a farmer, and a mother of four with six grandchildren, Adelita’s roots run deep in this community.

Hobbies and Interests

Adelita describes her main hobby as “loving people.” She finds joy in encouraging others, praying for those in need, and being there for her family. Her nurturing spirit is evident in her daily interactions and her professional life.

Professional Background

With 19 years of experience at Garden City High School and 15 years prior at a college, Adelita has dedicated her career to supporting students and staff. She values the opportunity to be part of students’ lives, encouraging them daily and watching them grow into successful adults.

Joining Downtown Vision

Adelita’s decision to join Downtown Vision came at a pivotal time in her life. With her youngest daughter recently graduated from college, Adelita felt the need to keep moving and find new opportunities to serve. She learned about the summer position at Downtown Vision and felt it was the perfect fit.

Working at the Main Street Market Hub has been a new and exciting challenge for Adele. She enjoys interacting with a diverse range of people and seeing the vibrant community that Garden City has to offer. “Retail is hard work, but it’s rewarding to see all the different people who come into the store,” she says.

Adele is especially excited to work alongside Darby Reimer this summer. Having known Darby from her time at Garden City High School, Adele feels blessed by the opportunity to mentor and collaborate with Darby in a professional setting. Seeing Darby transition from a student to a colleague is a unique and rewarding experience for Adelita. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and learning from Darby’s fresh perspective and enthusiasm. This will add a new dimension to their relationship as they contribute to the success of Garden City Downtown Vision together.

A Message to the Community

Adelita is passionate about mental health and emphasizes its importance in her life and the lives of those around her. “Mental health is really important, and it’s crucial that we take care of ourselves. Keep moving, keep doing what you’re supposed to do, and see what God has for you next,” she advises.

Both Darby and Adelita are excited to be part of Garden City Downtown Vision this summer. Their dedication, compassion, and eagerness to learn and serve will undoubtedly make a positive impact on our community. Welcome, Darby and Adelita!

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