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Innovative Design at Your Doorstep

Moving Downtown

Creativity meets functionality, at The Design Center, on Main Street in Garden City Kansas. Gary Greenlee is the owner of the Design Center. Celebrating its ninth year. The Design Center has become a place for homeowners seeking unique, customized designs for their living spaces. Three years ago, the center made a significant move from its original location on Highway 50 to Main Street, transforming the way people engage with home design in the community.

Being situated seven miles away from the town posed a challenge in accessibility. This is a problem resolved by relocating to Main Street. Greenlee explained, “We wanted to be more visible. Downtown offers a vibrant atmosphere that complements our innovative designs, drawing people in and sparking their curiosity.”

The Design Center’s Vision

The Design Center, an extension of their home building business, started with the vision of filling a void in the local market. “Garden City lacked cool, innovative design spaces. People often had to travel to larger cities to find inspiration. We decided to change that,” said Greenlee. Initially focusing on cabinets and carpeting, the Design Center rapidly expanded its offerings, now encompassing everything from lighting and doors to stoves and fireplaces.

Crafting the Space of Your Dreams

The Design Center’s success is due to its knowledgeable staff, including kitchen and bath designers, interior decorators, and experts in various fields. Greenlee emphasized, “We cater to all needs and budgets. Our diverse range of services, from intricate projects to simple upgrades, allows us to assist customers at every step of their design journey.”

One of the store’s standout features is its commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Embracing the latest technology, they offer computer-generated designs and a wide array of online options. Greenlee pointed out, “Staying current with technology is imperative. It enables us to offer cutting-edge solutions and maintain partnerships with forward-thinking companies, ensuring our clients have access to the best in the market.”

Unlimited Possibilities

Furthermore, the journey of the Design Center is marked not just by its products but also by the memorable moments shared with customers. Greenlee expressed his delight in the positive reactions from people discovering the store. “We’ve had the pleasure of transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Whether it’s a dream kitchen or a lavish bathroom, seeing our clients’ visions come to life is truly rewarding.”

For those curious about the Design Center, Greenlee encouraged them to explore their offerings. “Our team collaborates with clients to understand their vision and then brings it to life. From the basic to the extraordinary, there’s no limit to what we can create.”

To connect with the Design Center, individuals can visit their physical store, message them on Facebook or explore their offerings online by clicking HERE.

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