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Mark Pingsterhaus, the bank manager for BMO Bank in Garden City, KS, has a diverse professional background. His journey into the world of banking is one that took him to different industries, regardless he always was committed to providing exceptional service.

From Retail to Banking: A Diverse Background

Mark’s career began in retail at Gibson’s Discount Center in 1987, where he worked until 2002. He then transitioned to Pepsi Beverages, serving as a regional salesman for the western half of Kansas for 15 years. In 2018, seeking a new challenge, Mark entered the banking industry with Bank of the West. Initially based in Dodge City, he later managed both the Dodge City and Garden City branches. When BMO acquired Bank of the West, he took over the Garden City branch exclusively.

Mark’s transition from retail to sales to banking was relatively smooth. Interestingly, during his college years, he had been studying to become an accountant or to enter banking. Life took a different turn when he received an offer to manage Gibson’s, which he chose to pursue. Entering the banking sector brought him back to his early interests and allowed him to leverage his extensive experience in customer service and sales.

Changes and Growth Post-BMO Acquisition

Since BMO acquired Bank of the West, Mark has noticed significant changes within the organization. BMO’s extensive network of around 500 branches in the U.S. and about 900 in Canada has provided his team with a wealth of resources. This scale allows them to offer enhanced services such as payroll management for businesses, which were not previously available. The increased resources have broadened their lending capabilities and service offerings.

Why Choose BMO? Unique Perks and Services

For those considering banking with BMO, the bank offers a wide range of perks and services. Their online banking provides real-time access to credit scores and full credit reports. They offer various consumer services, including checking accounts, money market accounts, and home equity lines of credit. For those interested in investing, BMO’s Smart Portfolio online investing allows customers to set their risk level, with portfolio managers handling the rest.

For businesses, BMO provides comprehensive services from standard checking and money market accounts to credit cards and lending options. They also offer credit card processing and treasury services, ensuring they can meet a wide array of business needs.

Community Involvement: Making a Difference Locally

Since the BMO acquisition, the bank has become more active in the community. Thanks to increased resources, they participate in various local events and groups, aiming to be more visible and engaged. Their goal is to seek out opportunities to contribute positively to Garden City and the surrounding areas.

Proud Moments and Future Aspirations

One of Mark’s proudest achievements at BMO is leading a dedicated team. Many of his employees have followed him from previous positions, demonstrating their loyalty and commitment. Together, they have grown their customer base consistently over the past six years, a feat his boss mentioned has never been done in their market.

Going the Extra Mile: Personalized Service

Looking ahead, Mark hopes BMO will become a more recognized and trusted name in the region. The bank aims to be known for its exceptional customer service and community involvement. BMO’s dedication to customer service includes making house calls. The bank goes directly to customers when needed. This personal touch extends to business clients, where they offer on-site assistance for setting up services and addressing any challenges faced.

BMO is also committed to financial education and employee benefits through its Bank at Work program. This initiative provides extra perks for employees of partnered businesses and offers financial education sessions. They discuss topics like credit scores and financial planning, helping employees make informed decisions.

An Invitation to Experience BMO

Mark Pingsterhaus invites those searching for a bank that truly cares about its customers to give BMO a chance. The bank is dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure customers are well taken care of. Their approach is not just about banking but about building lasting relationships based on trust and exceptional service. He encourages everyone to experience the difference BMO can make in their financial journey.

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