"At a very young age, I knew I wanted to do more than color in a coloring book. I love the arts, to go to museums, read about artists, all to creating my own piece of art. My favorite medium is acrylic paint.


Currently, I am a commissioner for the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, am working on opening my own studio and art supply store in Liberal, KS. I hold an Associates Arts degree from Seward County Community College and Area Technical School. During the summer I help with Kids College and have been involved in Art Camp with local Art Centers in the area.


My goal with my art career is to create more Art in Southwest Kansas and invite those who have a desire to be involved in creating to create. By day I am a Realtor with Heritage Real Estate Group, Inc in Liberal KS, by night I work on my art, my name is Karem M. Gallo Garcia."

Message from the artist

Karem Gallo 

Karem Gallo.png

"Frida in Sunflowers"