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Kate May-Fitch


About the artist

As an artist, Kate May Fitch shows the breadth of items that fall under the umbrella of Art. From bronze statues in Illinois to painted banners in Kansas, Kate encapsulates the ambiance of the American mid-west by finding the beauty in the most common. Kate has been commissioned by governments and churches to create larger-than-life sculptures out of bronze and fiberglass. With realistic to semi-abstract, Kate is able to apply the technique that best emphasizes what the piece will represent. Kate’s most common medium is acrylic paints on canvas where she applies a realistic but painterly style, not hiding the brush strokes or build-up of color, leaving the viewers' eyes to do the blending. Kate’s technique pays no notice to scale and spans from giant murals in Iowa to the small pages of a children’s book.


Kate graduated from Garden City Community College and received her bachelor's from Bethany College in Kansas. Through the last year, Kate has focused on a life-size bronze statue of Native American women. The statue will be installed at Hononegah High school in Rockton, IL this fall. Kate and her husband recently purchased the family farm and have enjoyed building a new home with their two young children.

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