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Krista Morris 


Message from the artist

Born in Missouri and raised in Kansas, Krista Smith has always enjoyed creating artwork and visually experimenting with environments, as well as using figures to create stories. Krista started her artistic career at Garden City Community College and pursued to achieve her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Fort Hays State University in 2019. Since then, she has taught classes and worked as a gallery guide at the Salina Arts Center in Salina, KS.

Graduating with an emphasis in painting, Krista’s primary medium of choice is oil paint, but she also enjoys drawing with charcoal and pastels, and thoroughly enjoyed printmaking while in college. Using thread as one of the central motifs in her work, lately, she has been experimenting and utilizing actual thread in paintings and drawings, bringing more attention to the use of the material in the image as well as adding more texture to her work.

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