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Navigating Decades in Taxation

From Employee to Owner

The world of accounting is a world where precision and trust are paramount, Brungardt Hower Ward Elliott stands as a testament to enduring commitment and expertise. Roger Bellows has been serving as the owner in charge of the Garden City office of Brungardt Hower. Roger’s journey in the firm began in 2003, after transitioning from another prominent firm in town, Kennedy and Co.

Roger’s entrance in 2003 coincided with an opportunity to manage the office, as a retiring partner paving the way for a new chapter. Over the years, Roger’s role evolved, and he now proudly holds the position of owner, a testament to his dedication over the last two decades.

Snapshot of Brungardt Hower’s Structure

The firm, with its main office in Hays, boasts a team of 20 professionals, supported by Roger’s Garden City office comprising six full-time and two part-time staff. Their services predominantly revolve around tax work, with occasional audits for non-profits. As the tax season approaches, Roger and his team are gearing up for a hectic period, involving tax planning, payroll processing, and handling 1099s for clients.

Diverse Clientele

Reflecting on his favorite moments in the business, Roger emphasizes the joy of working with a diverse clientele. Brungardt Hower caters to both local and non-local clients, spanning various industries and locations, including southwest Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Roger unveils the firm’s broader presence beyond Garden City. With offices in Hays and occasional visits to Johnson County, the geographical reach of Brungardt Hower extends far beyond what the public might perceive.

Setting the Standard

What sets Brungardt Hower apart in the competitive field of taxation services? According to Roger, it’s a commitment to high-quality service. The firm takes pride in thoroughness, ensuring accurate and efficient handling of tax returns, compliance, and bookkeeping for their clients. The trust built over the years is a testament to their credibility.

Looking to the future, Roger expresses contentment with the current size of the firm. With a focus on providing excellent service during tax season, they aren’t actively seeking further growth. However, he acknowledges the challenges of managing new clients due to the overwhelming demand, often necessitating extensions for tax filings.

Advice as the Season approaches

As tax season approaches, Roger offers practical advice, emphasizing the advantages of charitable giving for Kansas residents and urging individuals to settle outstanding bills like mortgage interest and property taxes before year-end.

Regarding the growing trend of online tax services, Roger advises caution. While acknowledging the convenience of simple tax situations, he highlights the potential pitfalls for those with more complex financial scenarios. Professional services, though relatively more expensive, can navigate intricate tax landscapes effectively.

In conclusion, Roger Bellows and Brungardt Hower exemplify a dedication to excellence in tax services, combining decades of experience with a commitment to precision and integrity. As they navigate another tax season, their enduring presence in multiple locations speaks volumes about their expertise and the trust they’ve earned in the realm of taxation.

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