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New Location Alert: Moving After 20 Years

Since 1978, Coleen’s Trophies, Awards & Gifts has been the go-to destination for personalized gifts and awards that hold sentimental value. Founded by Coleen and initially operating as a T-shirt and trophy shop. The business later split into two separate businesses. Coleen made the decision to split up the business to strike a balance between her passion of crafting trophies and her desire to slow down and semi-retire. The business was split up into The Good Sport which is now owned and operated by her son Brian and Coleen’s Trophies Awards & Gifts which is owned and operated by her daughter Sonya Roth. After 20 years at the same location of 304 N Main Street, Sonya will be moving her business to 615 N Main Street.

Passing on the Torch

In 2016, the reins were passed on to Coleen’s daughter, Sonya Roth who grew up within the walls of the store. Witnessing its transformation over the years. While trophies had been the mainstay of the business. Sonya recognized the potential to expand the offerings. From custom cups, trinket boxes, and religious keepsakes to anniversary mementos. The store caters to a diverse range of tastes and occasions.

The Evolution of Coleen’s Trophies

Furthermore, Sonya’s emphasis on Christian gifts and custom signs sets it apart. With an entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for design. Sonya has infused her creativity into the store’s offerings. Barn wood signs adorned with inspirational quotes and Bible verses now grace the countertops, exuding a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Sonya never imagined she would be taking over the store one day. She remembers as a kid helping her mom make trophies for the fair. She would help her mother with different things around the store. Her brothers’ own businesses as well and they were the ones to help mentor Sonya and convince her to take over the business once their mother retired. “My brothers are both very good businessmen, and they helped me out a lot. They helped me make this business blossom.”

New Horizons: Moving to a New Location

Coleen’s Gifts and Awards has been located in its current location for 20 years. However, the store’s growth necessitated a move to a new location at 615 N. Main. Where the showroom space has doubled, providing customers with an even more enjoyable and immersive shopping experience. Additionally, an open workroom allows visitors to witness the fascinating process of laser engraving.

Pride and Accomplishment: Making Customers Smile

Sonya finds joy in taking on new challenges and bringing her customers’ ideas to life, ensuring that each creation reflects the sentiments and emotions of the recipient. Knowing that her work brings happiness and smiles to her customers’ faces makes Sonya deeply proud of the legacy she continues to build for her family’s business.

Looking ahead, Sonya envisions investing in technology that allows them to explore more colorful and diverse creations. Their goal is to expand the business so that her daughters can eventually take over, continuing the legacy of crafting personalized expressions.

Coleen’s Trophies, Awards & Gifts is not just a store; it’s a place where memories are crafted, and sentiments are etched into tangible forms. Customers are encouraged to bring their unique challenges and ideas, knowing that the team at Coleen’s Trophies is always eager to serve their customers. You can expect to see Coleen’s Trophies, Awards & Gifts open in their new location of 615 N Main on August 1st.

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