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Nurturing Health and Wellness in Southwest Kansas

Roots Juice Co. & Wellness Studio is a place for those seeking convenient and wholesome nourishment in Garden City and southwest Kansas. Roots looks to be more than just a juice bar for its customers. It aims to become a lifestyle and hub for health education. 

A Journey Rooted in Wellness

Alicia, the founder, discovered the transformative power of yoga and healthy eating during her time in Europe while pursuing a career in the performing arts. She recognized the absence of convenient nutritious, on-the-go food. Alicia was compelled by her personal journey and entrepreneurial spirit to offer her hometown a space that combined nourishing food with relaxation and exercise. Providing holistic well-being and filling a crucial gap in the local wellness landscape was her goal. Eventually opening Roots Juice Co. & Wellness Studio in September of 2017.

The vision behind Roots was to provide the community with not only nourishing food and beverages. But also, a space for relaxation and revitalization. The establishment’s cozy patio area invites patrons to unwind. While a roster of fitness activities like yoga and Zumba addresses the need for physical exercise. Targeting body, mind, and spirit – underscores the studio’s commitment to overall well-being.

Growing with Purpose

Since its inception, Roots Juice Co. & Wellness Studio has evolved significantly. The menu has expanded to include a diverse range of healthful options. From vibrant salads and paninis to protein-packed muffins and energizing smoothies. While juice remains a cornerstone, the addition of these food offerings underscores the studio’s dedication to comprehensive nourishment.

The studio’s growth isn’t confined to Garden City alone. The demand for Roots’ wholesome offerings sparked the opening of a satellite location in Downtown Hays. Which further spreads the message of wellness and accessible healthy choices to neighboring communities. The venture came to fruition through a partnership with Body and Soul Spa. Built on shared values and a mutual desire to offer health-focused products to a broader audience.

Cultivating Wellness through Education

At the core of Roots Juice Co. & Wellness Studio’s mission is the belief that education empowers individuals to make better choices for their well-being. The open kitchen concept invites curious patrons to witness the preparation of their nourishing meals, fostering transparency and knowledge-sharing. By providing insights into the creation of nutrient-rich smoothies and salads, Roots encourages its customers to replicate these practices at home.

Alicia’s journey toward opening Roots was accompanied by her pursuit of knowledge at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. This background as a holistic health coach informs the establishment’s commitment to using fresh, whole ingredients. The emphasis on simplicity ensures that each product contributes to overall health, rather than hindering it with hidden additives and excess sugars.

From Function to Flavor

One of Roots Juice Co. & Wellness Studio’s defining features is its dedication to demonstrating that functional food can be both nutritious and delicious. With products meticulously crafted from scratch, the studio’s offerings showcase the balance between flavor and function. Natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup are used when necessary, highlighting the focus on maintaining simplicity and quality.

The recent addition of protein-rich baked goods reflects this philosophy. These gluten-free, dairy-free treats, with 10 to 15 grams of protein each, not only satisfy sweet cravings but also contribute to a balanced diet. Catering to both the desire for indulgence and the commitment to well-being.

A Community of Wellness Advocates

Roots Juice Co. & Wellness Studio prides itself on its passionate team, each member embodies the principles of health and wellness. The employees’ personal dedication to well-being enables meaningful conversations with customers, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and mutual support. This synergy between staff and clientele elevates the establishment beyond a mere business, transforming it into a community united by a common goal: better health and vitality.

Roots Juice Co. & Wellness Studio stands as a testament to the power of dedication and vision. By merging nourishing food, invigorating fitness activities, and a commitment to education, this establishment has cultivated a space where health and wellness thrive. In the heart of Garden City and beyond, Roots continues to inspire individuals to embrace healthier choices, not just for themselves, but for the well-being of their entire community.

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