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Palace Computers: Personalized Service and Genuine Connections

Palace Computers, an established business since 1983, has been serving its community for over four decades. Co-owned by Robin Bergkamp and her brother Greg Smith. The journey of Palace Computers is a testament to the importance of adapting to technological advancements while maintaining a personal touch in the ever-evolving world of IT services.

Robin Bergkamp joined the family business in 1991 while pursuing her college education. Initially part-time, her involvement gradually transformed into a permanent commitment. In 1999, the siblings took ownership of the business.

Old School Principles

Over the years, Palace Computers has evolved, embracing new technologies while staying true to its values. Robin describes the business as a unique blend of “Old School” principles with a commitment to treating each customer as an extension of their own family. This approach has allowed them to provide personalized advice, ensuring customers make informed decisions based on their specific needs.

Versatility in Service

The range of services offered by Palace Computers is extensive, catering to single users, small businesses, educational institutions, government entities, and more. From selling individual computers to setting up complex networks with remote locations, the business thrives on versatility. They also specialize in physical security, installing security cameras for monitoring purposes.

One significant aspect of Palace Computers’ services is virus repair and mail shop operations. The business offers valuable advice for those dealing with computer viruses, emphasizing the importance of not falling for scams claiming immediate assistance. They encourage their users to trust their instincts and seek professional help if needed.

Entrepreneurial Roots: A Family Tradition

Reflecting on her family’s entrepreneurial spirit, Robin shares that her father was an entrepreneur who started and sold several businesses. The combination of her brother’s technical expertise and her administrative and people skills has proven to be a successful partnership.

For those considering entrepreneurship, Robin advises bravery and resilience, acknowledging the challenges and pressures but highlighting the fulfillment that comes from making decisions and interacting with people daily.

Genuine Connections with Customers

Palace Computers’ success is not just measured in years but in the genuine relationships formed with customers. Robin cherishes the moments when customers become friends, sharing stories of preventing scams and helping those in vulnerable situations.

Looking toward the future, Robin hopes Palace Computers continues to thrive, providing valuable services and maintaining the trust of their customers. Their aspiration is to remain a small-town IT hub, offering a unique blend of personalized service that distinguishes them from larger competitors.

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