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Patrick Dugan’s Coffee Shop Celebrates 15 Years of Community and Coffee Excellence

May 27th, 2023 marks a significant milestone for Patrick Dugan’s Coffee House as it proudly celebrates 15 years of serving its loyal customers with exceptional coffee and creating a warm and inviting community space. Patrick Dugan’s will hold store specials starting May 22nd, with their Mocha Monday special, and continue offering specials throughout the week.

Beyond the discounts and deals, Patrick Dugan’s Coffee Shop holds a special place in the community. According to Mia Bernal, who is the store manager, the coffee shop is the heart of downtown, a hub for fellowship, studying, and making cherished memories. Patrick Dugan’s has witnessed engagements, graduation photoshoots, and heartfelt gatherings, making it a true home away from home.

Mia Bernal has been an integral part of Patrick Dugan’s team for the past 12 years. As a leader, Mia takes pride in her role within the coffee shop, guiding the dedicated team that keeps Patrick Dugan’s running smoothly and providing excellent service to customers day in and day out.

Over the years, Patrick Dugan’s Coffee Shop has undergone changes that have kept the space exciting and fresh. With growing demand, the shop expanded its floor space in 2018. It added more room for customers to relax and enjoy their coffee. Alongside the physical changes, the team has also refined their coffee-making process, meticulously weighing, measuring, and timing each shot to ensure perfection in every cup.

The coffee shop’s reputation extends far beyond its local community, with visitors from near and far seeking out Patrick Dugan’s as a must-visit destination. Mia has noted that she has had customers from other countries come into Patrick Dugan’s and fall in love with their coffee. It truly says something when people plan their visits around the opportunity to experience Patrick Dugan’s exceptional brews.

Moreover, Patrick Dugan’s Coffee Shop has been a pillar of support for the community, providing employment opportunities for college students and individuals looking to step out of their comfort zones. It has served as a valuable employer for personal and professional growth.

Mia Bernal emphasizes the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and accepted. Every aspect of the coffee shop, from the carefully selected furniture to the thoughtfully designed layout, is intentionally crafted to foster a judgment-free environment.

As Patrick Dugan’s Coffee House celebrates its 15th year anniversary, the community joins in the festivities, grateful for the warm embrace, exceptional coffee, and enduring memories it has provided throughout the years. Cheers to Patrick Dugan’s and the next chapter of their journey. When asked what Mia is looking forward to in the next five years, she responded “Celebrating 20 years in style.”