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Robin Valenzuela: Artist, Entrepreneur, and Creator Extraordinaire

Amidst the vibrant art community of Garden City, stands Robin Valenzuela, the passionate owner behind Robin V Studio LLC. A master of colors and creator of captivating art pieces. Robin’s journey from a young dreamer to an established artist and entrepreneur is one of passion and hard work.

Nurturing Entrepreneurship and Artistry

“I’ve always had a busy brain,” Robin chuckles, reflecting on her journey. Robin’s family has an entrepreneurial spirit and her upbringing surrounded by creativity ignited a fire within Robin at a young age.

Robin’s passion for art transcends mere admiration; it’s a way of life. From early experiences in her father’s photography studio to setting up her own garage sales at a young age. Robin’s entrepreneurial flair intertwined seamlessly with her artistic endeavors. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that she took the leap, venturing into the world of art festivals and juried exhibitions.

Those art festivals were like a revelation, Robin recalls. “Selling my creations, meeting fellow artists, and connecting with art enthusiasts—it was so cool.”

With each festival, Robin’s confidence soared, propelling her towards a pivotal decision in 2017—to pursue her passion full-time. Thus, Robin V Studio LLC was born, a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Retail and Community Building

But Robin’s journey doesn’t end with creating stunning art pieces. In recent years, she’s expanded her horizons, delving into retail ventures and establishing spaces in Garden City where she not only sells her creations at Garden City Arts but also fosters a community of creativity. Through DIY kits and workshops at the Main Street Market Hub, Robin empowers others to unleash their inner artist, spreading joy and inspiration far and wide.

“I believe art should be accessible to everyone,” Robin explains. “It’s not just about the final product; it’s about the journey, the joy of creation, and the sense of accomplishment.”

Robin’s Artistic Reach

As Robin continues to evolve as an artist and entrepreneur, her ambitions soar to new heights. With plans for a larger studio space and a renewed focus on refining her craft, she envisions a future brimming with endless possibilities.

“I’m bursting at the seams,” Robin enthuses. Robin wants to expand to different cities and continue to bring joy to others through her.

Robin’s artwork has been featured in galleries and exhibitions spanning Kansas City, Nebraska, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. From vibrant displays at Mark Arts in Wichita to local events like Art in the Park, her creations captivate audiences far and wide, leaving a lasting impression wherever they’re shown.

Robin revels in the joy of recognition when people encounter her art, relishing the moment when admirers pause and exclaim, “I know this is your work!” For Robin, it’s a validation of her unique artistic voice and a heartening reminder that her creations resonate deeply with others.

Future Dates and Words of Wisdom

So, where can you experience the magic of Robin’s artistry? From exhibitions at Garden City Arts to showcases at the courthouse and lively events like Art in the Park, opportunities abound to immerse yourself in Robin’s world of color and creativity. As Robin Valenzuela continues to carve her path in the world of art and entrepreneurship, one thing remains abundantly clear—her passion knows no bounds. Robin advises aspiring artists to start small, focus on their strengths, and learn from failures. She emphasizes reinvesting profits, nurturing creativity, and trusting their unique voice.

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