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Robin Valenzuela


"Just Hangin with my Bud"

"Lake Winter"

Message from the artist

Always searching for balance, Robin’s art career since 2008 has been all about absorbing as much as possible to continually experiment and create. Her favorite pieces will show textures and paint that emerge from the surface, or layers upon layers that she disturbs to bring out the incredible collision of color. Color alone is her candy store!


Her colors are always bold. The most repeated statement from admirers is, “I just love your colors!”. Her current hands-on tricks are dealt out with acrylic and acrylic mediums, mixed media, or oil and cold wax. Robin’s abstract work is always created with human nature in mind. Like human behavior, layers of texture and color represent what might be in each of us. It takes a close eye to see what lies within.


Robin has exhibited in galleries and juried art festivals in Kansas and multi-surrounding states. She currently works full-time as an artist and graphic designer. As an active member of Garden City Arts, she is often seen transporting artwork in and out of the gallery. She maintains a retail space inside GC Arts and presents art workshops for adults throughout the year. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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