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“Rodrigo Ruvalcaba” Building Community Trust Through Insurance

Rodrigo Ruvalcaba is the owner of Ruvalcaba Agency LLC. Growing up, Rodrigo remembers his family moving a lot from town to town. Their search led them to Garden City, where Rodrigo was raised. Rodrigo’s parents found work at the local meat packing plant in Garden City.

Rodrigo remembers not seeing his parents very often because they were always working. He would spend his time playing baseball with the other kids in his neighborhood. When the time came to face life after high school, Rodrigo found himself at a crossroads. It was then that destiny intervened in the form of a Marine recruiter, beckoning him towards a life-altering journey.

Joining The Marine Corps

The Marine Corps became Rodrigo’s crucible, a place where discipline and determination were crucial. His time as a Marine not only molded him physically but also instilled in him the values of adaptability, discipline, and perseverance.

Returning to civilian life, Rodrigo found himself asking the question, “What’s next”? He wanted to start working as soon as possible all while helping people out. A conversation with his cousin led him into the world of insurance. Rodrigo began his journey with Farmers Insurance and became a resource for his clients and the Hispanic community.  

Building Bonds and Trust

What set Rodrigo apart was not just his business acumen but his ability to connect with individuals. His roots in Garden City, his Hispanic heritage, and his Marine Corps discipline became his foundation. Rodrigo’s agency wasn’t merely a place to buy insurance; it was a business built on trust, a testament to his commitment to his clients.

Beyond Success

Eleven years into his entrepreneurial journey, Rodrigo found himself reflecting on his proudest moments. Owning his office building stood as a testament to his financial stability and commitment to his family’s future. Yet, it was the lives he secured through life insurance that truly resonated with him.

In a world often oblivious to the importance of life insurance, Rodrigo took it upon himself to protect families, offering them a safety net against life’s uncertainties. His proudest achievement was not just in the policies sold but in the peace of mind he provided to families, knowing they were safeguarded against the unknown. This commitment led Rodrigo’s agency to be the top life insurance seller for Farmers Insurance in Kansas.

Rodrigo Ruvalcaba had not just found success he has created bonds and trust in his community. His life experiences have helped him connect with people of all backgrounds and walks of life. Rodrigo has become a resource for those in the community searching for a trusted insurance agency.

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