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Rybak’s Barber Shop: Where Men Go for A Haircut and Shave

John Rybak’s Barber Shop has been open since July 2011 and it stands out for its exceptional barbering services. Before venturing into the world of haircuts and beard trims, John Rybak had a different career trajectory—he was a truck driver with a CDL.

Transition from Driver to Barber

The transition from truck driver to barber wasn’t a premeditated move for John. His knack for cutting hair was evident back in high school and college when he used to cut hair for friends. Despite having an uncle who owned a barbershop in Texas, there was no familial pressure to follow in his footsteps. For John, cutting hair was something he always enjoyed. It eventually turned into a profession.

A Cut Above the Rest

When asked about the secret to his success, John attributes it to his unique approach in a competitive market. While others in Garden City rely on appointments, John thrives on walk-ins, setting him apart and keeping his shop consistently busy. His mantra is simple: do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

The services at John Rybak’s Barber Shop are straightforward—haircuts, beard trims, shaves, and the classic offerings of a traditional barber shop. This simple approach has let John perfect his craft and keep his customers happy.

Unexpected Entrepreneurship

John’s journey to becoming a barber began at Old Town Barber in Wichita, where he honed his craft. Surprisingly, the decision to open his own shop wasn’t a planned one. His mentor suggested the idea, and before he knew it, John was the proud owner of his own barbershop.

The distinction between barbers and cosmetologists is a point John emphasizes. Barber school focuses on practical skills such as straight razor shaves, while cosmetology school delves into a broader spectrum of beauty services. The iconic barber pole outside the shop isn’t just decoration; it represents tradition and professionalism.

Reflecting on his favorite moments, John cherishes the independence of being his own boss and setting his own hours. Despite the freedom, he emphasizes the importance of consistency—being there for his clients unless faced with a family emergency.

For aspiring barbershop owners, John shares valuable advice. He stresses the significance of word of mouth. Hard work will pay off and that will speak volumes with your customers. Also, offering unique services, and maintaining consistency.

Family Legacy

Looking ahead, John envisions a family legacy with his youngest son showing interest in becoming a barber. He hopes to see a second generation taking over the reins of John Rybak’s Barber Shop.

John Rybak’s Barber Shop isn’t just a place to get a haircut; it’s a testament to one man’s journey. With a commitment to excellence, a unique business model, and an eye for tradition. 

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