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Insuring Success: Sonya Castillo-American Family Insurance

Sonya Castillo has carved her path as the proud owner of the Sonya Castillo-American Family Insurance. Starting her business in December 2020, Sonya acknowledges the risks involved in launching a venture during such a challenging period. However, her experience proved to be surprisingly smooth. She attributes her success to a unique opportunity that presented itself when the previous agency owner decided to retire after 30 years. Despite the short notice, Sonya seized the chance and quickly transitioned to become the new face of the agency.

Seizing the Opportunity 

Before becoming a business owner, Sonya had already spent four years in the insurance industry. Her transition to business ownership, though unexpected, was fueled by a desire to take on new challenges and contribute to the community.

One of the significant challenges Sonya faced was moving to Garden City without knowing anyone. However, she swiftly engaged with the community by joining the Downtown Vision board and the Chamber of Commerce. This involvement not only helped her overcome the challenge of being a newcomer but also played a crucial role in establishing trust within the community.

Growing with Your Team

Reflecting on the past three years, Sonya emphasizes her joy in witnessing her team’s growth. As the leader of the agency, she finds immense satisfaction in seeing her employees mature and excel in their professional lives. Moreover, being actively engaged in the community through the Downtown Vision and Chamber of Commerce has not only facilitated her own networking but has also allowed her team to become familiar faces within the community.

Services Offered 

Sonya Castillo Agency offers a wide range of insurance services. Covering personal lines like home, auto, and life insurance, as well as commercial lines including general liability and workers’ compensation. Sonya emphasizes the importance of life insurance, considering it a crucial financial safety net for families during challenging times.

Her favorite moments as a business owner include the personal and professional growth of her staff and the positive feedback received from customers regarding the exceptional customer service provided by the agency. Sonya takes pride in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in her agency, ensuring that every customer feels comfortable and at home.

Aspirations for the Future

Looking ahead, Sonya’s aspirations for the next 5 to 10 years include sustained growth, continued excellence in customer service, and maintaining a positive reputation in Garden City. With a 30-year goal in mind, Sonya envisions a long and fruitful journey ahead for the Sonya Castillo Agency.

Bridging Education

In closing, Sonya invites the community, whether current customers or not, to seek insurance education and guidance from her bilingual team. The agency’s commitment to thorough education sets them apart, ensuring that clients understand the intricacies of their policies. In the diverse landscape of Garden City, Sonya’s bilingual team further extends their reach to the Spanish-speaking population, emphasizing their dedication to serving the entire community.

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