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Supporting Victims and Building Stronger Communities

Family Crisis Services operates with an unwavering commitment to providing support, advocacy, and resources, for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking. Family Crisis Services has become a vital lifeline for individuals, and families affected by these harrowing experiences.

As a non-profit organization, Family Crisis Services operates through grants and partnerships with various entities, including United Way, and the Finnup Foundation, among others. Their ability to secure support from these organizations and grants has been crucial in enabling them to carry out their important work effectively.

Extending Support

But what drives the dedicated team at Family Crisis Services? The organization’s roots trace back to the seventies when it first started offering its much-needed services. Over the years, the demand for their assistance has only grown, emphasizing the pressing need for such support in our communities. Contrary to common misconceptions, Family Crisis Services extends its reach beyond Garden City and Finney County, serving seven surrounding counties, including Kearney, Scott, Lane, Hamilton, Greeley, and Wichita. Their commitment to helping individuals from across Kansas showcases their dedication to making a difference wherever it is needed.

Spreading the Word

Sadly, many people who require support are unaware of the existence of Family Crisis Services. They may suffer in silence, unaware that help is just a phone call away. This lack of awareness has prompted Family Crisis Services to make a concerted effort to spread the word about their organization. They actively engage with law enforcement agencies, ensuring that individuals in need are referred to their services promptly. Moreover, they are striving to raise their profile by participating in various community events, collaborating with other organizations, and volunteering their time and resources whenever possible.

One of the most challenging aspects of their work revolves around addressing the stigma and silence surrounding sexual assault and sex trafficking. These sensitive issues are often considered taboo, leading victims to suffer in isolation. Family Crisis Services aims to change this narrative. They are determined to bring these topics out of the shadows and into the open, fostering an environment where victims feel empowered to share their stories and seek support without fear of judgment. Through their outreach efforts, they aim to educate the community, dispel misconceptions, and ultimately build a society that stands united against these heinous crimes.

Engaging the Community

In their quest to make a lasting impact, Family Crisis Services actively engages with the community. They participate in events organized by other local organizations, and partner with businesses. By immersing themselves in the community, they hope to raise awareness and let people know that they are not alone. Family Crisis Services’ involvement extends beyond direct benefits for their organization; they strive to contribute positively to the well-being of the community as a whole.

Empowering Survivors and A Vision for the Future

Hailey, the director of Family Crisis Services, is nearing her one-year anniversary with the organization. Reflecting on her experience, she highlights the joy of witnessing the transformation and empowerment of survivors. From helping individuals break free from abusive situations to witnessing them regain control of their lives and support their families, these moments remind her of the profound impact Family Crisis Services has on the lives of those they serve.

Looking ahead, Hailey envisions a future where Family Crisis Services continues to grow, both in terms of reach and impact. She hopes to expand their influence, raising awareness about sexual assault, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. She envisions the organization being actively involved in community events and activities, giving back to the community that has supported them. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that no victim suffers in silence, knowing that Family Crisis Services stands ready to offer support, guidance, and a listening ear whenever it is needed.