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Title: Western Kansas Community Foundation: Empowering Communities for Over 25 Years

Established in 1996, the Western Kansas Community Foundation (WKCF) has been a beacon of hope and support for communities across 15 counties in Western Kansas. As a non-profit agency, WKCF has tirelessly worked to pool funds for charitable purposes, providing grants and scholarships to students and non-profit organizations. With a vision to make a bigger impact and strategically support communities in need, WKCF continues to serve as a vital catalyst for positive change.

Through the generous support of donors, WKCF has been able to provide grants to numerous organizations, bringing tangible benefits to the community. For example, St. Catherine Hospital’s free flu shot clinics and the operational funding for Real Men Real Leaders have allowed both initiatives to flourish, fostering community engagement and volunteerism among the younger generation. These success stories serve as a testament to WKCF’s commitment to standing alongside non-profit organizations and witnessing their growth firsthand.

WKCF has consistently shown a keen understanding of the evolving needs within the community. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they established the Urgent Needs Funds, providing timely assistance to those affected. Additionally, the Women of Purpose Fund, created in 2008, focuses on supporting local programs dedicated to addressing issues affecting women. WKCF’s ability to adapt and respond to the ever-changing landscape is a testament to their dedication in improving the lives of individuals in Western Kansas.

One of WKCF’s most impactful initiatives is Match Day, a campaign aimed at helping nonprofit organizations grow their funds exponentially. By providing a $100,000 match pool, WKCF incentivizes donations to local nonprofits, multiplying the impact of every contribution. This innovative approach not only galvanizes the community to support causes they care about but also allows organizations to expand their reach and influence.

Stacie Hahn, the Program and Marketing Director at WKCF, embodies the spirit of community engagement and service. Working with WKCF since 2015, she has witnessed the transformational power of the grants given to non-profit organizations. Having herself been a recipient of the Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center Scholarship, administered by WKCF, Stacie’s journey has come full circle. Discovering her past connection to WKCF was an extraordinary experience that further solidified her commitment to the organization’s mission.

WKCF’s remarkable growth is a testament to their unwavering dedication and the generosity of their donors. Starting with grants of a few thousand dollars, WKCF’s diligent efforts have enabled them to grant over a million dollars to communities in recent years. The legacy of WKCF is one of hope, inspiration, and the enduring belief that together, we can create a brighter future for all.