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Va Va Vintage: Preserving History and Nostalgia Through Curated Antiques

For the past two years, Jude and Mitch Near, the passionate owners of Va Va Vintage, have been curating a unique antique store that celebrates history and nostalgia. Their love for antiques and salvaging treasures has connected them with customers across the United States and throughout the world.

Jude and Mitch’s paths crossed at an antique auction in 1988, igniting a shared passion for all things vintage. As their collection grew, they began selling their unique finds in an antique mall in Lawrence, KS. They also sold their items in the historic West Bottoms Antique District in Kansas City.

After relocating to western Kansas, Jude and Mitch started hosting Quarterly Antique Sales out of their garage to sell some of their treasures. However, they always maintained an online presence, allowing them to connect with antique enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Their efforts have resulted in shipping items to 42 states and 11 countries. They have been diligently working on a website that will make it easier for their customers to stay connected with them.  Their website will be completed at the end of June.

Specializing in Architectural Salvage, Jude and Mitch curate items that can add a touch of history and charm to people’s homes. More than just running a store, they cherish the opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts and hear their stories. Their vision is to create a space where visitors feel a sense of nostalgia, reminiscing about items that adorned their parents’ or grandparents’ homes, be it plates, books, furniture, or music. For Mitch, the joy lies in helping customers discover something unexpected, just as he does when unearthing treasures from his own childhood memories.

It is not your average antique shop. Mitch and Jude have created a space where you can take your time to browse. During the winter they have a fireplace so that their customers can sit down and look through their books, or you can walk around with a cup of coffee that Judy makes fresh every morning.  With a commitment to continuous growth, Jude and Mitch strive to become the go-to destination for antique enthusiasts in their community. They invest considerable time in research and have even begun offering appraisal services for individuals curious about the value of their belongings. Through their dedication and expertise, they have also catered to the needs of set designers in Hollywood, supplying