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Young Entrepreneur Making Waves in Fashion and Beauty

Meet Lexi Amos, the owner of BB Boutique & Salon, a unique establishment that seamlessly combines a boutique with a nail and hair salon. From fashion to beauty, Lexi’s business offers a one-stop-shop experience for customers looking to pamper themselves and stay stylish.

The Beginnings of a Dream

Lexi’s journey as an entrepreneur began when she was just 16 years old. Working out of her parents’ basement, she started an online boutique, showcasing her love for fashion and an innate sense of style. Alongside this venture, she also operated a little vintage camper, attending pop-ups and events to promote her boutique.

But Lexi’s aspirations didn’t end there. She had always been inspired by her father, who had his own business for many years. The desire to be her own boss and create something unique fueled her entrepreneurial spirit.

Fashion, Beauty, and Family Influence

Growing up with a family of cosmetologists, Lexi was no stranger to the world of beauty. She had several aunts who were in the cosmetology field, and this exposure, coupled with her passion for making people feel good about themselves, led her to venture into the beauty industry.

In pursuit of her dreams, Lexi graduated early from high school and pursued education in both nail tech and cosmetology schools. Balancing school, a full-time job, and her business aspirations, she demonstrated determination and the will to succeed.

Challenges and Triumphs

Opening her brick-and-mortar boutique and salon just a year and a half ago was a significant milestone for Lexi. The joy of meeting new people and contributing something unique to her community filled her heart with satisfaction. BB Boutique & Salon quickly became a beloved destination for locals seeking not only beauty services but also fashionable clothing.

When asked about advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Lexi emphasized the importance of taking risks and trusting the process. She recounted how she invested all her savings into starting her business and continuously reinvested in its growth. Lexi’s journey highlights the need for perseverance and belief in one’s vision.

A Family of Motivated Individuals

Lexi’s family played a significant role in nurturing her entrepreneurial spirit. Her father’s construction business and her mother’s expertise as an accountant provided valuable support. Lexi and her brother, both driven and motivated, are carving their paths as successful entrepreneurs.

A Downtown Dream

Choosing to establish her business downtown was a decision inspired by her love for the area. Growing up, Lexi always felt at home in the vibrant downtown atmosphere. When the opportunity presented itself, she seized it, and her business has thrived ever since.

Lexi Amos’s story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Her journey from a young entrepreneur operating out of her parents’ basement to a successful business owner exemplifies what can be achieved with determination and family support. Lexi’s BB Boutique & Salon is more than just a place of beauty and fashion—it is a testament to a dream pursued and realized.

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